Better Business With No Paper

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Businesses in West Palm Beach and South Florida are needlessly shuffling paper. Some of these businesses have so much paper to store that they rent off-site storage facilities. It is true that the longer that a Florida company is in business the more paper that the company generates.

Paper wastes money and time. People spend countless hours searching for a lost ancient document that must be in evidence for a merger or litigation. Storage increases overhead expense. Paper is a fire hazard and increases insurance cost.

Paper is an inherent business liability. A fire can cause a calamity that a Florida business that relies on a paper record system may never recover from.

You may have the solution to the problem resident in your office or company. Copier solutions that include print/scan support eliminate the problems associated with managing paper. Acquiring a system that provides copier solutions that include print/scan support can easily pay for itself in employee time, liability, and convenience.

Some of the advantages of the systems include:


All of your documents are stored on servers. It is called the cloud but it is actually a physical device in a building. Great care has been taken to maintain the physical integrity of the devices in the buildings. A regular routine of transferring your data to a new device so that an older device can be checked for technical integrity guarantees that your paper stays accurate in digital form.

The people who should have access to sensitive information have a password that allows them to access the digital paperwork.


The digital paper can be accessed from any device. Any record can be searched, viewed, changed, and printed by a person with the proper access from any device from anywhere in the world. This speed makes your business run better in Florida and wherever you do business. You look more efficient and competent to your clients.

All of your staff who handles paper on a daily basis will be more productive because their searches are done in microseconds instead of minutes or hours.


The initial cost of scanning older paper into the system is more than paid for by the assurance that your business will be able to recover faster even if a hurricane comes to South Florida again.

Backups of all your documents would allow you to resume operations from a remote location even if the worst happened to your Florida operation.

A New Scenario for Your Business

Imagine no more long night searches for one little document that is hiding in a dusty file cabinet no person has touched in a decade. Think about being able to impress clients with instant access to any information that you need to give them. No frayed nerves and apologies for angry outbursts looking for illusive old documents are an added benefit of a true paperless business.