A Closer Look At The Dangers Of Off Brand Clone Toner Cartridges


Once it comes time to replace an existing copier or toner cartridges, there are a number of questions that must be asked. Office copier support is a key aspect of the equation. Copier solutions are not always easy to come by either. That’s what causes companies to make decisions that are based on pricing and not quality.

After all, who doesn’t like to save a few dollars and become the office hero in the process? However, office copier support can take a major hit when off brand toner cartridges are selected. Copier solutions should always be based on merit. Some may argue that these decisions are actually not a very big deal.

Why would someone care if the toner cartridge is an off brand? Let’s take a closer look at the dangers.

How Are These Cartridges Different?

Off brand cartridges are not constructed by the same folks who are responsible for the construction of the copier. This can cause a wide range of issues.

Quality of Images

The images are obviously going to be of the same quality when an off brand cartridge is used. Original equipment manufacture is the way to go. OEM cartridges are crafted by teams who work tirelessly to find the correct melting point and optimal sizing. On the other hand, clone manufacturers utilize old parts that are not going to provide the same image quality. The text will typically appear more fuzzy and burned out. In other words, the buyer gets exactly what they pay for.

Fewer Pages

The off brand cartridges do not allow for the same amount of printing. The company prints fewer pages and their costs rise as a result. These cartridges are also sold under false pretenses. The buyer will be told that they are going to have full printing privileges.


Leaks are a major issue and once the toner leaks into the machine, there are no shortage of additional problems that are going to occur. The hassle is unavoidable and causes the company to spend more over the long haul when they have to replace the cartridge that they already purchased.

Device Ware

Clone toners tend to go rogue over the course of time. Even when leaks do not take place, the spending that takes place is astronomical. The replacement parts that have to be purchased are going to cause a company to spend more than they would have if they had simply purchased OEM cartridges in the first place.

Intellectual Property Issues

These issues are certainly no laughing matter. Of course, the major manufacturers are not thrilled about the clone cartridges. The legal battles that result from their usage can be costly. Leaving these issues aside, their usage is morally wrong. An office would not that products to be ripped off and sold for a lesser price. They should extend the same courtesy to the manufacturers of their toner cartridges.