A Closer Look At The 7 Marketing Documents Provided By An In-House Production Printer


Printed materials may not be considered as the pinnacle of modern marketing but they are still used because they work! That is why businesses will often turn to printing shops for assistance. On the other hand, a company that needs to print marketing documents regularly benefits immensely from an in house production printer.

There are a wide range of documents that can be printed with an in house production printer. These materials are printed by proactive businesses that are looking to make the most out of their marketing efforts.


To find out more about the seven marketing documents that can be provided with the use of an in house production printer, be sure to read on and learn more. You will no longer have to deal with the hassles that are typically associated with outsourcing.

1. Thank You Cards

Many companies underestimate the power of a thank you card. These cards are a great way for a company to ingratiate themselves with various partners. These cards are also used as a means of generating feedback from clients.

2. Product Data Sheets

All it takes is one colorful sheet to properly break down specs, benefits and features. These sheets offer a helpful overview and also provide customers with the chance to compare various products. A glossy sheet is always going to stand out when compared to a plain black and white one.

3. Catalogs

Customers may not make a purchase from a catalog immediately but studies show that they are often used as a means of reference. It is much easier to take a closer look at a catalog and it is faster than taking the time to check a website.

4. Company Brochures

These brochures are a helpful prop and add an increased air of legitimacy. Customers need to be walked through a company’s goods and services. Marketing professionals also utilize company brochures when explaining goods and services to potential customers.

5. Envelopes

Using an in house production printer to create colorful envelopes allows a company to differentiate their brand. Some businesses may even decide to print specific offers on their envelopes, as a means of attracting the attention of customers.

6. Business Cards

Business cards are still used today and an in house production printer allows a business to print as many as needed, without having to outsource. Sales teams still need to be equipped with business cards that are colorful and eye catching. Executive teams require business cards as well.

7. Newsletters

When customers are looking to stay up to date with a business, they will sign up for a newsletter. Breaking news, special offers and important events are shared with the use of newsletters. Best of all, the newsletter is usually left on the recipient’s desk for a while. The recipient is provided with a necessary reminder of your existence.