6 Essential Questions to Ask Your Copier Dealer Before Making a Purchase


Choosing the right copier for your business is a decision that parallels the process of purchasing a car. You wouldn’t just settle for the first vehicle you see at a dealership, and the same principle applies when investing in a copier. To ensure that you make an informed decision that aligns with your business needs, it’s essential to ask the right questions when dealing with copier dealers. We’ve compiled a list of six crucial questions you should ask a copier dealer before making a purchase. These questions will help you evaluate not only the copier itself but also the service package that comes with it.

  1. What Is the Total Cost? Many individuals underestimate the total cost of owning and operating a copier, which often exceeds the initial purchase price. Consider factors such as ongoing supplies, energy consumption, service contracts, and any additional features you might require. A reputable copier dealer can provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all associated expenses, ensuring that you stay within your budget.
  2. What Is Included in the Contract? Contracts can be complex, and it’s crucial to understand all their provisions before signing. Never assume that everything you need is automatically covered. Ensure that the contract includes essential elements such as warranties, toner refills, and access to replacement parts when required. Knowing precisely what your purchase agreement entails will help prevent unexpected downtime.
  3. Which Standard Features Are Included? Familiarize yourself with the copier’s standard features before making your decision. Determine which functions are included with the machine and which ones come at an additional cost. Discussing these features with the dealer will help you assess whether the copier can meet your daily operational requirements.
  4. What’s the Average Response Time for Service? Minimizing downtime is vital for maintaining productivity and a strong business reputation. Inquire about the average response time for service calls. A reliable dealer should typically respond in three hours or less. Additionally, find out if they offer service on weekends or outside regular business hours. Timely service is essential to prevent potential revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction.
  5. Can You Help with Print Security? Print security is a top concern for business owners, particularly when dealing with sensitive documents. Copiers are connected to your network and can be vulnerable to cyber threats. Ensure your dealer offers robust security features, including user authentication, data encryption, and secure printing options. Protecting sensitive data should be a top priority for your business.
  6. Are Managed Print Services (MPS) a Better Option? Many copier dealers offer Managed Print Services (MPS) to help optimize your print environment. MPS contracts encompass copiers, supplies, maintenance, and support from a single provider. These services can help reduce costs, minimize paper waste, and enhance overall productivity. Consult with the dealer to determine if they offer MPS and explore how it can benefit your business.

Selecting the right copier for your business involves more than just choosing a machine; it’s about finding a reliable partner in your copier dealer. By asking these six essential questions, you’ll be well-prepared to make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and operational needs. Remember that transparency, comprehensive contracts, and a clear understanding of the total cost of ownership are key factors in making the right choice. Partnering with a reputable copier dealer can significantly enhance your office’s efficiency and productivity. If you’re in South Florida, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, consider PCN Copiers, which offers top-quality copiers and comprehensive support services. Contact us at 561-693-1977 to learn more and make an informed copier purchase for your business.