6 Easy Ways To Fix Common Printer Problems



Printers are very common pieces of equipment needed in most offices. However, there is rarely anyone in today’s technological world, that hasn’t experienced one printing error or the other in their respective workplace. While this can sometimes occur due to the complex tech nature of modern copiers and printers, it is, however, interesting to know that printing problems can also be attributed to panic.

It is a known fact that most people experience print problems today due to an incorrect use of the equipment. Just so you know, a simple user error can affect an entire print process. But the good news is that there is a solution to this problem. Below are some quick and simple tips and fixes to common printing problems.

Printing takes too long

It is usual to experience slow printing when performing high-resolution jobs. Advisably, select a lower resolution such as “draft” or “standard” when you need to perform fast printing. Most times, it takes longer than usual to print documents with large or complex images. There is no need to worry if this is a recurring issue. As part of their print solutions, some professionals in South Florida will recommend increasing the printer RAM size as this can help to speed up the entire process.

Frequent paper jam

This is often a common problem with most printers but the good news is that it is avoidable. Ensuring to use the right paper and follow directions are part of the most effective print solutions in this scenario. Do well to feed the tray properly and always remember to remove static electricity by shuffling the paper edges before placing them into the tray.

Poor printing quality

Depending on the paper or driver in use, any copier can experience poor print quality. However, you can proffer quality copier solutions by checking for any damage on the printer’s fuser, the imaging unit and toner cartridge in due course. Also, ensure to use only the right paper or media type.

Failure to print job sent

It is common to get a job not printed even after being sent correctly. One of the first things to check in this case is the size of the paper. You must ensure that you’ve got the specific paper needed for the job you are sending before printing. Also, you can do well to restart the application from which you are printing if the job fails to print or it’s stuck in the queue.

Outdated drivers

It’s difficult to get a printer to work properly if its driver is out-of-date. To this end, it is highly recommendable that you get your device drivers updated as at when due.

Unplugged devices

As part of providing the right copier solutions, it is best to ensure that everything’s plugged in before even sending a job to print. These include the wireless connection, network cable, power cable, etc.