4 Tips for Adequate Maintenance of a Copier

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Without a doubt, the copier is probably one of the most important equipment in your work premises. The moment it stops working, several processes come to a halt. Hence, one should know the best tips and tricks to ensure the desired performance with this unit in the long run.

The better you treat your copier; it will make your routines flawless. Below we have listed a few trusted tips that everyone should follow for adequate maintenance of an office copier. It may help you to ensure long-life performance with your investment:

Tip 1: It just needs your attention.

In case the office copier has not been used for a few days, it is better to take some test prints before getting your final copies. Old paper must be replaced with the new and one should also check for any jams. When copiers stay idle for a long periods of time, they usually enter into sleep mode or may start again in the calibration mode. Hence, it is important to give it some time to achieve normal work efficiency.

Tip 2: Crappy paper can be an issue.

Most people fill their copiers beyond their maximum capacity, and it usually leads to poor performance of the equipment. Also, the variable weight of the paper can also change the number of sheets that can be added to the tray in one go. Experts also recommend using papers that are clean, dry and well organized. Crinkled papers can lead to jamming of the copier. Other than this, humidity may also cause curl or ripples that ultimately cause low-quality prints.

Tip 3: Clean it on a regular basis

Cleaning a copier on a regular basis can naturally boost its life . In order to clean the machine, use high quality cleaning agents. A non-abrasive cloth with a specialized glass cleaner can serve the purpose better. But make sure you do not spray the cleaner directly on copier glass as it may cause damage. Other than this, it is important to remove staples and paper clips before scanning the document on your copier as they may leave scratches on the machine. You can use a paintbrush to clean the interior portion of the machine.

Tip 4: Schedule time for maintenance checks

It is possible to enhance the work efficiency and life of a copier by simply scheduling maintenance checks from time to time. You should call qualified professionals . They can also identify the hidden issues on time so that your copier can have better performance. It is the most reliable way to enhance the overall life cycle of the machine.

These simple tips can help you to avoid the cost of major repairs and replacements. It is better to discuss any trouble with your machine with a representatives . They may help you find the most reliable solution or fix the problems with ease.