3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Budget For A New Copy Machine In 2018

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It is very important for any business to upgrade its print devices for obvious reasons. Apart from the fact that it is used in the day-to-day running of the business which is not optional, it is essential that businesses get efficient and fully functional devices with the latest technology that would increase productivity in the workplace. This would decrease the cost of production or running the business on a daily basis which is a huge advantage for that enterprise.

The reality is, if your printers have not been upgraded for a while, you may be unaware that your devices could cost your enterprise way more than the prize of new printers. The adverse effect of this is obviously non-negligible. So, if you would need more reasons why you should consider making a budget for a new copy machine in 2018 when you have done no upgrade for a while, here are 4 reasons why you should opt for an upgrade coming year.

  1. Your printers are old and outdated. The cost of printing could easily be driven by outdated and old printers. This is because you would need more energy and maintenance to get it working less efficiently than new printers. Is these practices efficient print solutions? The answer is no! If efficient print solutions mean anything to you as a business owner (which it should), newer copiers and printers will not be optional since they are way more efficient in terms of energy use or consumption.

Also, older print devices do not have replacement part since their manufacturers have stopped producing those parts. This would make fixing malfunctioning devices very difficult—if not impossible since some faulty parts need replacing.

  1. The cost-per-page would be too high. That business would need efficient copier solutions to fix this and other similar problems. Older devices use way more toner which would be a big expense. Since print technology is evolving, newer devices use less toner which decreases the cost-per-page, significantly.
  2. Older devices are single function. To increase productivity, you would need multi-functioning printers which could scan, print, fax, and also copy. With new print technologies, you could also scan documents straight to email or a folder in the cloud. Due to efficient copier solutions through the use of state-of-the-art print technology, a lot of tedious extra steps are eliminated.
  3. Your employees will be frustrated because of malfunctioning printers. So to promote job satisfaction, you need to outfit your employees with adequate and necessary resources and tools needed to do their job properly at all times. A malfunctioning print environment will do the opposite and decrease productivity.

You will need a new office copy machine to lower overall expenses. The truth about print devices is that they have a lifecycle. You will need a print technology assessment or printer and copier specialist to ascertain if your print devices have past their useable life.