3 Crucial Aspects To Securing Your Healthcare Data

Patient-doctor confidentiality is one of the most sacred tenets of medical practice. It is so sacred, that doctors can lose their license if they breach this confidentiality. Data storage security has always being a recurring problem for most healthcare facilities. In the health care industry how to effectively secure data is an ever evolving problem, as the amount of available data grows at an unprecedented rate. Data can be in the traditional paper form or in the digital form. With this rapid growth of available data, the information of patients, health organizations and their staff and other valuable data have to be secured properly.

A lot of medical activities go on around south Florida and as such, it is quite important that data storage and security are taken very seriously. The storage, security, and safety of critical healthcare data and the organization’s information is of utmost importance.

Some experts in the field after critically analyzing a major medical system and they identified some possible processes that may e points for confidential data to become available to the public, most times inadvertently. Most of these vulnerable processes can also be found in most South Florida medical systems. They are;

Data Capture

A patient’s data is captured right from the time of scheduling an appointment, diagnosis and through treatment. Through all these processes the data of a patient may be mishandled by a staff, resulting in a breach of the security of the patient’s data. To combat this, all data should be stored according to high-security standard and all digital entry should be made accurately.

Data Accessibility

The security of confidential information can be breached in a number of ways. If the workstations where these data are secured are left unmanned, any person can have access to the information stored in those stations. Also, mindless gossip of patient information by staff can also leak confidential information. It is imperative that medical centers train their staff in maintaining the utmost professionalism when it comes to handling confidential data.

Data Sharing

Different organizations have different securities in place as regards their internet network. So it may be that while sharing data, the privacy can be breached as a result of lax internet security protocol. As a result, it is very easy to steal data during file sharing between organizations. To combat this, all health facilities are advised to ensure that their file sharing system are in line with the requirements for file sharing in HL7, so as to protect patient’s information.

To fully secure the data of both patients, staff and the organization, it is quite necessary that all staff realize that they have a role to play. In other words, every department in the organization needs to cooperate to ensure the security of their stored data. To start on the right track ensure that your organization uses the most secure means in data capturing. You can also consult HGI Technologies technicians for further help.