13 Reasons Why A Florida Business Needs To Update Their Copier



While the prospect of purchasing a new copier for your place of business may not be the most exciting thing in the world, this decision can provide a wide range of benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the 13 most important reasons why a Florida business will need to update their copier.

  1. More Uptime

An improvement in reliability is an improvement to uptime. Newer equipment is able to be monitored remotely and this keeps businesses from running out of toner.

  1. Tracking Output

In addition to tracking the toner levels of a copier, the tracking output must be monitored as well. This allows for a greater level of security.

  1. Saving Space

The newer the copier, the less space it is going to take up.

  1. Saving Time

Newer machines do not take as long to heat up and this is time that can be put towards more important duties. Less heat will be needed to fuse the paper and toner.

  1. Easy To Use

Touchscreen interfaces are a common feature of newer copies. Xerox has also begun to use the same interface for all models and this makes for a much simpler experience across all offices.

  1. Wireless Connectivity

Workers can now print out documents with their laptop, smartphone or tablet if they so choose.

  1. Various Apps Are Available

Modern copies provide employees with the chance to enjoy several apps that are designed to make their workday even easier. Whether they are in need of e-mail services, cloud services or document translators, all of these needs can be filled with the touch of a button.

  1. Better Troubleshooting

Copier solutions and print solutions have made their way into modern times and we now have access to remote troubleshooting because of these advances.

  1. Reducing Utility Bills

With the equipment of old, offices were left between a rock and a hard place. Do we use our equipment in the manner that we are used to or do we make certain cutbacks to save money? Thanks to modern copier solutions and print solutions, this is no longer a consideration that has to be made.

  1. Better Output

Higher quality ink and toner is now used so that offices are able to enjoy the highest possible quality of output.

  1. Protecting Confidential Information

Digital shredding and encryption is available and this keeps workers from fretting about the potential sharing of confidential information.

  1. Launching Automated Workflows

With a new copier’s scanning capabilities, automated workflows can now be launched with just the touch of a button.

  1. Reducing Repair Costs

Did you know that the cost of repairing and maintaining an old copier can actually outpace the costs of purchasing a brand new copier? This is why so many offices are finally making the switch.